Ahuvya Sandak Murder Theater – ACT II:

In Which a Dissolute Justice System Reveals its Iniquity

The strategy of the Erev Rav in the Ahuvya Sandak saga is now coming clear.

It’s two-pronged.

And you won’t like it.

First, they intend to run out the clock.

That is, they’ll attempt to show they’re actively investigating the matter (while essentially doing nothing) and thereby take the steam out of the protest movement that sprang to life directly after Ahuvya’s murder.

Second, they’re working to provoke a backlash from the broader public against the Hilltop Youth by manipulating the demonstrations.

In so doing, they hope to elicit an exaggerated response from protesters and publicize the overreaction to justify a more barbarous police crackdown in the future.

1.     Running Out The Clock.

How will they accomplish this?

The Israeli Justice System recently deigned to permit the appointment of an ‘investigating judge’, who will actually do no investigating himself, but will seek to ensure that police investigations are carried out according to the strictest precepts of Israeli law.

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More on that in a moment.

At the same time, the Justice Ministry continues to support two, separate investigations now running in parallel.

The first is an ostensibly standard police probe, with the not so standard aim of finding the boys who rode with Ahuvya guilty of –

  1. Throwing stones at Arab cars,

  2. Criminal negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle causing the death of (their friend) Ahuvya, and

  3. Knowingly abandoning (their friend) Ahuvya after he was mortally wounded.

Standard police fare in Israel.

That is, head-shakingly corrupt.

The second is a Department of Internal Police Investigations (DIPI) effort that will focus exclusively on the conduct of the three officers responsible for the murder of Ahuvya – a probe that was conducted with the assistance of those same three officers!

In other words, those being investigated played a lead role in conducting the investigation against themselves.

Israel, friends…

The only democracy in the Middle East.

Theater of the Absurd

To sum, the police who killed Ahuvya are actively pursuing charges against Ahuvya’s friends while, at the same time, working with their confreres at DIPI to exonerate themselves.

As for Judge Eliad Weinshal, who claims it’s his ‘personal mission’ to see the investigations are carried out thoroughly and justly… don’t hold your breath.

Weinshal reports that he took the entire investigation file from the State Attorney's Office to begin studying the evidence and examining the investigative protocols.

Which would be wonderful… if the file were complete.

But its not.

Egregiously so.

The State Attorney’s Office works hand-in-hand with the police to prosecute criminals. and they rely exclusively on evidence provided by the latter to conduct those prosecutions.


The judge can only examine the evidence he’s given.

And the State Attorney’s file is a half-baked pizza… minus the cheese and toppings.

There’s precisely nothing to bite into.

Which brings us to the endgame of the clock-run strategy.

And it is…

Rather than looking into the actual events that transpired on December 21st (the darkest day of the year), the goalposts will now be moved from a deliberate police attempt to splatter the bodies of five Hilltop Youths across a Binyamin highway (which they claim is so preposterous as to obviate any need for scrutiny – “we’re the police after all, not criminals”) toward a more technically directed investigation of whether cop A or B may have unintentionally obscured facts or mistakenly or forgetfully obstructed a criminal investigation (while he good-naturedly tripped over a dead body).


In so doing, of course, the stakes are lowered dramatically, and the end result can be stage-managed to produce a perfunctory slap on the wrist – along with a teary-eyed mea culpa on the part of the Judea and Samaria police precinct that will take the shape of:

Regrettably, strict investigative guidelines were misunderstood by the officers and therefore incorrectly implemented, which led to a confusion on the part of the public, who completely overreacted and threw rocks and eggs at the upstanding souls who do nothing but sacrifice for us and our children.

And look at the thanks I get…

2.     Provoking a Backlash

All of the above will be carried out behind the scenes, of course, while, at the same time, in the public square, police hope protestors will overplay their hand against what is now a patently violent effort to intimidate and brutalize anyone who dares raise a picture of the angelic young soul who was sent to olam haba for absolutely no reason.

Reports are already legion of Shabak agents with flowing peyot planted among real-life protestors, behaving like the very animals they hope the media will portray Ahuvya’s supporters.

Equally phony are the arrests and subsequent release of dozens of youth who’ve been accused of throwing rocks at police.

You got that?

Yes.  Ahuvya and his friends are chased and rammed by a police vehicle for allegedly throwing rocks at Arabs, while these, who throw rocks at police, are arrested… and then released.

Don’t laugh, friends.

ACT II of Ahuvya Sandak Murder Theater is building to a climax.

And the police have to emerge the good guys.

So when the young ‘rock throwers’ are released for “the good of police/public relations”, you know very well these were actually Shabak agents, one and all.

No one throws a rock at police in Israel.  Gets caught. And is released.

Incitement, provocation and impeccable performance standards are the tools of the Israel Police, masters of manipulation and artfully managed displays of Bernaysian deception.

And the longer the protests continue, the greater the chance they have to find dupes and accomplices from Haaretz et al. who will paint a duplicitous portrait of young anarcho-messianists who want nothing more than to spill police blood.

The police will be assisted in their efforts through the employ of Yasam and other tagless, anti-riot goons, water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas, along with the aforementioned numerous, well planted and nameless provocateurs who will engage in some of the more outrageous acts against police, all in an effort to brand the whole movement as fringe, extreme, violent, criminal and – oh my!MESSIANIC.

But they won’t succeed.

Because the truth is seeping out.

In our next instalment, we raise key questions the justice establishment will have to confront if they intend to walk clean from what’s about to turn into a very nasty battle.

May the evil ones get their come-uppance —

Dean Maughvet

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[Hat Tip to Yekutiel ben Yaakov for a number of important contributions to this post.]