Erev Rav Decides Ahuvya’s Execution Was Both Deserved and Righteous

Their cruelty was on full display this week...

The cruelty of the Erev Rav was on full display this week after the death of Ahuvya Sandak at the hands of the Israel Police.

Both from Israeli officialdom and so-called Jewish leaders from abroad – and from those who support them – the response was monolithic and Olympian:

“If they hadn’t been throwing rocks, they wouldn’t have been chased by the police.”

“Don’t break the law and you won’t put your life in jeopardy.”

“What kind of fool tries to run from police without suffering consequences?”

And other such callousness that requires immediate redress.

So here goes.

To begin, police officers can and do break the law.  How often it happens is anyone’s guess.  Unless you’re a police officer, or have been, only you can tell.

The problem is, because of the enormous power they possess, they can regularly break the law with impunity.

Moreover, because in nearly every country on the planet there’s precious little police oversight, the tendency toward internal whitewashings of their transgressions, large and small, is overwhelming.

Who’s Policing the Police?

In the State of Israel, the police and her affiliated secret branches and intelligence agencies represent the hardest, most rotten core of the deep state. 

It’s not, as many believe, the judiciary, where the kernel of the Erev Rav resides, but with the Shabak and the rest of their eavesdropping meddler cohort, who’ve been given carte blanche to operate beyond the framework of regulations and laws that guide the rest of Israel’s citizenry.

It’s the Judiciary that receives its marching orders from the Shabak et al., rather than the other way round.

The fact that the two groups happen to share, by and large, the same elitist, anti-Jewish and pro-western values makes the relationship a very comfortable hand-in-glove fit.

Sharpening the Issue

In the case of Ahuvya Sandak, the point is not whether some teenager from Maoz Esther broke the law.  The courts were meant to decide that.

At stake is whether a police officer has the right to engage a suspect in a manner that will almost certainly lead to grievous bodily injury or death.


More specifically, at stake is whether a vehicular ‘take-down’ technique with twenty years of data behind it that is known to be lethal at speeds over 55 kmh (35 mph) was legally employed in this case, or was a rogue maneuver performed by an overly ambitious cop with either a chip on his shoulder for the hilltop youth, or a desire for adventure or advancement.

When Cops Get Stinky

There’s a long history of bad blood and egregiously unlawful behavior on the part of the Israel Police toward the hilltop youth – and a great deal of underhanded plotting and provocation to portray them in a bad light.

That activity includes Shabak agents dressing up as Arabs and attempting to steal Jewish flocks or destroy Jewish property, only to make arrests when the Jews inevitably defend themselves.

It’s a very dirty business, and it will all be exposed shortly.

It may also lead to a very violent reaction on the part of those same Jews who, for too long, have been at the receiving end of the Yasam and Magav jackboot.

To Sum

Everyone is equal before the law – or so we’re told.

And that means a bad cop must be prosecuted to the full extent if he transgresses.  Perhaps even more so.

As one charged with upholding the law, shouldn’t we expect from him a higher standard?

Whether that standard is adhered to, in any event, will depend on only one thing.

Public pressure.

The police have to feel like the public is out for their blood before they relent and turn their bad apples over for prosecution.

Prosecutors and judges, too, may have to be shown the guillotine before the stiff chill of justice genuinely courses through their juridical veins.

There have been six straight nights of protests across Eretz Yisrael for the sake of Ahuvya Sandak, HY”D.

G-d willing, they continue.

With knowledge aforehand that the evil ones will get the judgment they deserve,

Dean Maughvet

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NEXT POST: New information indicates police were tailing Ahuvya and his friends for some time before the alleged rock-throwing incident occured.

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