International Criminal Court vs. Israel's Shabak – Where is the process stalled?

You might be surprised by the answer…

Today’s GUEST POST courtesy our Legal Correspondent, F.S. Zulatow


The irony is always thickest when it comes to the Jews…

Consider –

The nations are ever in an uproar over the IDF and its ‘war crimes’ in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

Less than a fortnight ago, the ICC issued a report that stated it's ready to proceed with its investigation into the Gaza War of 2014.

It wants more than life itself to try a number of Israeli generals and politicians for wrongful death, torture, and civil and human rights abuses going back better than 40 years.

The outcry is loud and persistent.  And so it should be when torture and war crimes are concerned.

But just a few short years ago, the Israeli establishment began torturing Jewish youths whom it believed were acting against the state’s interests.  It used a variety of means (and likely the same used against Arab prisoners, against whom it had little or no evidence of wrongdoing), including sodomy at the hands of Tel Aviv’s most deviant criminal and sadistic sex-workers.

But because these were Jewish fifteen and sixteen year olds – and not Arabs – the Israeli anti-torture and human rights groups said nothing. 

The left wing parties of the Knesset, so vocal in their opposition to the mistreatment of Arabs (as they should be), also said not a word. 

Amnesty International… 

Not a peep. 

The U.N… 


And the Hague, where the ICC sits, licking its chops, waiting to judge the first Israeli bigwig delivered into its hands…? 

Also, no comment.

And it makes one wonder…

Because IF the goal is to destroy the State of Israel (as it indubitably is)…

And IF by portraying Israel as a systematic abuser of human rights, perpetrator of war crimes and all round immoral and degenerate nation of thieves, looters and criminals, you actually possess the means to undermine its moral foundation…

Then why haven’t human rights advocates jumped on the opportunity to bring the Shabak torture machine to justice for the systematic rape and abuse of young Jewish boys?

Because for that cause, they would certainly have traction.

They could amass an overwhelming body of evidence and witnesses, medical reports, impact statements, and receive full support from an increasing proportion of Israeli popular opinion, who, alongside the state’s Arabs, finally agree that this sort of abuse on the part of the Israeli Deep State is totally unacceptable – and very likely criminal.

But they choose not to.

And therein lies the irony.

Because the anti-torture and human rights groups, and the left-wing politicians and Amnesty International and the UN and ICC are all caught in the same icy conundrum.

Precisely because these are Jewish boys, and not Arabs.

And the thought of all those young Jewish boys’ screams is just too titillating to have them rise to the hour and use all means available to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish State – and perhaps even finally succeed in destroying it!

Alas, that goal, for the time being, will have to be postponed.

For those screams…

Ahh… those screams…

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