Mass Murder on Har Meron

With two years to plan their anti-Torah atrocity, the police can now boast a back-slapping success.


Don’t let it cross your mind for an instant that what happened at Rabi Shimon was a spontaneous and tragic occurrence.

There’s nothing ‘tragic’ about mass murder.

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The Erev Rav government of Israel — via their enforcement arm, the Israel National Police — set up a death trap for the 100,000 people they knew would arrive.

And even after it was clear that their operation was succeeding, they showed no mercy to the dead and dying.

The evidence mounts that the cruelty of the current regime is limitless.

So consider yourself warned.

You may as well be living in communist China.

And you may as well be a Uyghur.

The current regime seeks nothing less than your elimination.

They will attempt to round you up and ‘resettle’ you (as they did in Gush Katif, but without any concern this time for the hotels and caravillot that the survivors of Gush Katif were afforded).

They will sterilize you (with proper vaccinations, of course, in the interest of the common weal).

They will force you to do ‘meaningful’ work — because Torah study never truly benefited anyone.

They will transfer your children to ‘safer’ quarters for a proper reeducation that will offer them a brighter, more prosperous future (as they did with the Yemenite babies).

They will select the best, most fit among you for organ harvest, while

The rest will be gassed and burned, à la the camps in Xinjiang.

And everything will be done, of course, in the name of democracy and progress, as was done during last year’s Batflu clampdown, when the destruction of livelihoods and freedoms proceeded without even a ping-pang of the elite conscience.

This is the way Hellenists operate.

Moreover, if you relate to the government of Israel as its currently constituted as anything other than an evil communist tyrant hell-bent on your ultimate incineration, then you’re making a grave mistake.

And, in the end, you’ll go like a lamb to the slaughter.

Because many a citizen will die in the coming shmad.

Whereas partisans will stand a chance.


Get yourselves out of the cities, comrades, where you’re just sitting ducks.

To the hilltops.

And choose life.

No matter the difficulty.

And as for the 45 victims of the murderous Chinese horde, who gave their lives on Har Meron Last week — Hashem Yakom Damam.

May their neshamot have an aliyah.

And may the wicked perpetrators receive their comeuppance —

Dean Maughvet