Obscure Group Awards 'Lemming Suicide' Badge To The State Of Israel

Guess which country again proves itself most adept at self-destruction...

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It was with great pride that we first heard of the decision of the “Bored World Awards” to honor our fair people with its 2021 Medal of Distinction.

Until we read the fine print!

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Get a load of this —

“The Committee hereby awards the State of Israel and its bootlick populace with the ‘Suicide Lemming’ award for 2021, for its willingness to bully-whip, swindle and hoodwink itself in the matter of the Batflu vaccination.”

Can you believe it?

And then this —

The nerve!

No honor at all, to be sure, but a snide dig-in-the-ribs at our fair state that’s left no citizen unscarred in its battle against the corona virus, and precisely for that reason leads the world in We-Jab bragging rights.

Why, just this week even the honest bean-counters at Statista declared it so —

Plain as day.

Black and white.

But the Bored Worlders apparently can’t get over their Israel-envy, and have intimated that what’s on display here is not a commitment to health, but rather a barometer of obedience! A measure of doormat conformity! Of statism raised to the level of religion!

They claim the Statista numbers actually show a Jewish state composed of slavish sycophants, who unthinkingly and overwhelmingly fell victim to a government-sponsored fear campaign.

Or, as the goyim might have put it —

“Those Israelites got scre*ed, Jewed and tattooed.”

Well, we were not ready to take this lying down.

Hell, no.

We immediately penned a letter to the leader of Bored World, Justin Casey Sqroos-Eddup, and presented him with evidence that, in fact, two thirds of the world’s population is now ready to vaccinate, and Israel’s nearing that mark is a measure of the alacrity and commitment of an entire nation to its collective health — and certainly no sign of stoogeitude.

And do you know how he responded?

Get this.

He wrote —

The Prophet Zechariah writes (13:8):

:וְהָיָ֚ה בְכָל־הָאָ֙רֶץ֙ נְאֻם־יְהֹוָ֔ה פִּֽי־שְׁנַ֣יִם בָּ֔הּ יִכָּֽרְת֖וּ יִגְוָ֑עוּ וְהַשְּׁלִשִׁ֖ית יִוָּ֥תֶר בָּֽהּ

There will be in all the land — the word of Hashem — two portions [of the population] will be cut off and perish, and the third will be left in it.

Did you get that?

This guy thinks the two thirds referred to by Zechariah as goners in the End of Days is related to the two thirds of the world’s population now ready to take the vaccine!

Can you believe it?!

As if one is even connected to the other!

As if our government would even think of harming us!



Mr. Sqroos-Eddup, by the way, along with his associates at Bored World, are also behind an initiative called —

The People’s Committee To Safely Test the Efficacy and Limitations of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques on Law Enforcement Officials and the Judiciary.

That's right.

And a follow-up, mass email received from the Committee now seeks “volunteers from all ranks of the Israeli Police and State Attorney’s Office, as well as judges old and new to assist in [their] research.”

The email goes on to say that —

“Those who choose not to volunteer at present will, of course, be offered creative incentives at a later stage to participate.”

Can you imagine?

Who are these guys?

Dean Maughvet