Police Employ Deadly “P.I.T.” Technique to Murder 16 Year Old Ahuvya Sandak Outside Kochav HaShachar

Israel's “security” echelon has killed a child.

Torture, apparently, is not enough for these professionals.

At least when it comes to the hilltop youth.

The weapon used yesterday was an undercover police vehicle.

The method employed – a foolproof technique known to law enforcement officials globally as “P.I.T.” (the Pursuit Intervention Technique).

It’s a method that’s also known to be potentially lethal at speeds in excess of 35 miles per hour (55 kmh).

And this is how it works –

And this was the result –

Perfect execution, you might call it.

And so the question arises –

Who authorized yesterday’s use of what’s colloquially termed ‘tactical ramming’?

Was it the undercover officer who drove the police car?

Was it his superiors?

Were they in the car with him, or did the command come from above via radio?

And for what, exactly?

That is, who decided it was time to cripple young Jews, or end their lives on a seldom traveled stretch of Binyamin road?

Was it because their sidelocks were too long?

Their kippot too large?

And moreover, after the deed was done, why were ZAKA paramedics kept from the scene for nearly an hour?

And why was Ahuvya Sandak left pinned under an overturned car for nearly that entire time?

Was it revenge?


Who exactly gave the order to turn away paramedics from the scene?

Was he on location, or, again, was the order received by radio?

And why was Member of Knesset Bezalel Smotrich forcibly denied access to the crime scene even though his parliamentary immunity grants him that right?

What’s to hide here?

More than that, at a time when police departments across the world are abandoning the murderous P.I.T. tactic in favor of rolling roadblocks and spike strips, why do police officers in Judea and Samaria continue to play games with the lives of the best of our youth?

Can anyone answer?