The Batflu Fear: Purim Edition

The entire takeaway from this Batflu hoax is…

Today’s GUEST POST courtesy Alan B. Harvard’s Climbing the Wall of Redemption blog at A Jew and His Money

The entire takeaway from this Batflu hoax is…

Nothing else.

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If you fear anything in this world but the Al-mighty living G-d of Israel,

If you bow to the state that issues you masking, distancing and lockdown orders,

If you’re terrorized into believing you might succumb to a sickness that’s only slightly more dangerous than the common flu (and that, only if you’re well into your senior years),

If you watch with dread the latest escalating ‘case’ numbers,

If you pay scrupulous attention to the haughty pronouncements of politicians and medical experts,

If you’re anxious to get the so-called vaccine (that’s not really a vaccine at all, and will only set you in line to get further boosters and other, assorted shots for countless new ‘pandemics’ down the road, while at the same time completely reconfiguring your polynucleotide chain),

If you obsess over which of your neighbors and colleagues have tested positive or been ‘immunized’,

Then you’re well on your way to either insanity or slavery.

Check that.

Sorry, brother.

Truth is, you’re likely already batty.

And you’re surely a slave.


A Jew fears G-d, friends, and nothing else.

Eat healthy.

Move vigorously.

And get on with it.

And as for those making the decisions to vaccinate, lock down, distance and mask us…

Like Haman, they don’t believe they’ll hang.

But they’ll hang.

Eschatologically yours,

Alan B. Harvard