When "Provoke The Goyim" Got it 100% Right...

Our old friend from Jerusalem was prescient, prescient, prescient...


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Nine years ago, in August of 2012, our blogger-friend from Ir HaKodesh — the irreverent “Provoke the Goyim” — penned the following brief post on Naftali Bennett.

How true it still rings today.

[Reproduced below in full and without edits.]

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"I Will Give The Palestinians This Land"

Is it possible that this man, the ostensible leader of the national religious camp and a war hero to boot, will hand over the keys to the Land of Israel to the Palestinians?

It’s not just possible. It has to be.

For as we pointed out in an earlier post, the G-d of Israel will not brook any contenders to His throne.

There can be only one G-d, one source of salvation for the Jewish People.

Not the IDF.

Not the IAF.

And certainly not the Israeli Knesset.

And so it will be that when this man rises to sit as Premier of the State of Israel and presents the Land of Israel, part and parcel, to G-d's enemies, another revered idol will have been smashed.

This time, the unholy Knesset will have come under the hammer.

It has to be.

For too many Jews believe that Israeli 'democracy', with its Knesset and High Court of Justice are the ultimate repositories of value of the Jewish nation. Even otherwise observant, 'religious' Jews believe this. "If only," they say — "if only the right party were elected, salvation would ensue."

If only, indeed.

Sadly, though, it will never be the case.  

And these same "democrats" will finally be stripped of their illusions.

The lie of the false god of democracy will finally be revealed when the religious one — this Bennett, or some other like him — rises to power, only to repeat the lunacy of his predecessors.

This is why he must rise to power.

For the Holy One does not want a democratically elected Knesset. Nor does He want Jews in kippot placing their faith and donating their energies to ridiculous alien institutions like Israel's democratically elected parliament.

He will place a religious man at its helm, a bona fide mitzvah keeping Jew, and then destroy the state by the hand of this same observant leader.

Then no one — religious or otherwise — will be able to believe in the false god called the State of Israel.

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