The purpose if this letter is twofold.

First, it aims to raise awareness amongst Jews and Noahides regarding that group referred to as the ‘Hilltop Youth’.  This is necessary because no other cohort of the Jewish people is so deliberately denigrated and delegitimized, and none so bedevils the Erev Rav.

Why is that?

It’s simple.  It’s widely understood that this is the cadre that will lead the fight against foreign interlopers in the Land of Israel and reestablish the Kingdom of David — may it come speedily in our days.

The Israeli State, of course, is opposed to that.  So they respond with repression. And violence.

The second aim of the letter is financial.  With your subscriptions, we intend –

  • to raise funds for the group’s legal defense,

  • to assist in rebuilding homes and businesses destroyed by the State or Arabs,

  • to provide support for the wives and children of those unjustly jailed or detained for extended periods,

  • to support parents and families of minors who have been tortured, abused and traumatized by the Israeli security-military establishment,

  • to assist in the rebuilding of flocks stolen or confiscated,

  • to repair vineyards, gardens and orchards uprooted or otherwise damaged or destroyed,

  • to provide sifrei kodesh and shiurim from supportive rabbis and mentors, and

  • to make any and all efforts to strengthen the group’s spirit and stiffen its resolve against the ceaseless provocations and persecutions of the Shabak and the Military Administration of Judea and Samaria.

Every dollar you give sees roughly 12 cents taken by the host of this website, Substack.  This is unavoidable and beyond our control.  If someone would like to volunteer their services to build a website and offer their expertise in maintaining and supporting it, we’d be grateful.

The next twenty cents goes to the author of this letter, to subsidize his time in researching and writing the bi-weekly missives that arrive in your inbox. 

The remaining 68 cents gets sent directly to those who need it most – the Jewish youth of the hilltops of Judea and Samaria. 

Funds are distributed via a committee that does not include the author of this letter.

Subscriptions cost $6.13 per month and can be cancelled at any time.

Those who are able to donate more are encouraged to do so, and a variety of options are available:

1.      Take out an annual subscription for $120,

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What you will learn here –

  • The true reason for the persecution of the Hilltop Youth by the Jewish section of the Shabak and the Minhal HaEzrachi (the IDF’s bureaucratic arm in Judea and Samaria).

  • Why the State of Israel may no longer have a ‘right to exist’.

  • How the leaders of the settlement movement and its rabbinic directorship represent the hardest klipah (shell) of the Erev Rav in Israel today.

  • The laughable truth about the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’.

  • The dark, statist tendency of the Israeli school system in Judea and Samaria.

  • The unceasing dedication of the Hilltop youth to the land and people of Israel.

  • The callous treachery of the settlement establishment.

  • The example of true Jewish freedom that the Hilltop Youth embodies.

  • The coming war between the Hilltop Youth and none other than Donald Trump!

  • How the Jordanian king will ultimately support this group both morally and militarily.

  • How the Noahide community will actively bridge the divide between these soldiers of the House of David and the remaining righteous nations of the earth.

  • How the Hilltop Youth will drive fake converts and phony Xian lovers of Israel from the land, and how this process has already started in places like Har Beracha, Karnnei Shomron, and Itamar.

  • Learn of the genuine dread the Arabs of Judea and Samaria have for this group, and their eagerness to make common cause with the Israeli authorities for their own protection.

  • And much more…

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