Separatist Politics: Havdala and the Hilltop Youth

Yes, DISTANCE FROM EVIL can form the basis of a policy agenda.

“Oh, and is democracy your gawd,” I asked?
“Yes,” said Renfrew.
“And is she a cruel gawd?”
“No, no…” said Renfrew.
 “Then what kind of gawd is she,” I asked?
He smiled.
“Whatever kind of gawd I want her to be.”

Know it well, friends: the Erev Rav is a parasitic animal.

From his beginnings, he’s lived off the collective body of the Children of Israel, scheming, beguiling and pretending to be what he’s not, all the better to capture and feed from his Jewish host.

And even today, as he pulls the levers of power in the State of Israel, he survives only on capital stolen from believing Jews.

Deception is his byword.

He’d never survive without it.

There is no truth upholding the Erev Rav regime. It’s all a façade.

The corollary to this dependency, of course, is that he dies when that same life-support offered by true Jews is removed.

And so he’s forced to play a double-game – pulling good Yidden close via fraudulent calls for ‘unity’, only to feed greedily from their kedusha to enhance his own power.

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But not everyone falls for his wiles.

There are Jews from whom he’ll never be able to feed. And he recognizes this.

These Jews, who are most holy – and most distant from him – pose the greatest threat to his hegemony. 

And he’s unable to engage them precisely because they want nothing to do with his tumah, his gashmiut, his Hellenistic, exilic manner and worldview, all of which they find repugnant.

Jews of Holiness – Two Exemplars

Because of their personal example and fortitude, the Hilltop Youth and the anti-draft ‘Jerusalem Faction’1 comprise an increasingly threatening front to the Erev Rav leadership of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

These holy souls are among the few remaining Jews who are still beholden to a power higher than the state, who can’t be bought, and who therefore act as magnets to Jews of every stripe who perceive the sickness of the regime and its institutions and seek authentic Jewish leadership in its place.

From the Hilltop Youth and the Jerusalem Faction the Erev Rav receives nothing.

And it’s for this reason they’ve been targeted.

And make no mistake: the very survival of the Erev Rav depends upon the neutralization of these two camps before their influence grows too wide.

A willing media has therefore been enlisted to marginalize — even criminalize — these groups in the eyes of the public, as extreme, violent, and beyond civilized debate.

Only by way of dehumanization do they believe they can effectively stifle their influence with the public-at-large.

The police and ‘justice’ system, of course, are also part of the posse.

Ample Supplies of Blood

Fortunately for the Erev Rav, both the ‘mainstream’ Dati leumi and Chareidi leumi publics provide an ample source of blood for the Erev Rav leadership, having done so cheerfully since the founding of the state. And it’s they, davka, who represent the hardest shell of the Erev Rav klipah in this country – a large minority of very willing kapos, malshinim and useful mamlachti idiots wholly devoted to the cause of strengthening the state and its bitter-cold bureaucratic apparatus.

But that’s a discussion for another time.

Our point today is that groups like the Hilltop Youth will never quench the thirst of a tyrannical bloodthirsty Erev Rav leadership quite simply because they are —

  1. beyond the reach of politics;

  2. beyond the reach of media and advertisers;

  3. beyond the reach of the statist educational framework that seeks to pulverize individuals into a malleable pulp of conformism, the better to reshape them later into subservient tools of whatever statist adventure they might think up next;

  4. beyond the reach of the IDF, which long ago switched from being a training ground for killing the enemy into a laboratory for conducting social experiments;

  5. beyond the reach of the healthcare dictatorship, that thinks nothing of herding people into cattle-car immunization stations, the better to serve the Pfizers and AstraZenecas of this world; and

  6. beyond the reach of a faux-religious establishment that tends increasingly toward Xianity – G-d forbid! – in its efforts to appease the secular warlords of the Deep State — or else steeps itself in an exilic form of halachicism that endeavors at all costs to avoid the responsibility of ruling unapologetically over all the Land of Israel in the name of the Al-mighty One true living G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Deep breath…

The Hilltop Youth don’t suffer from any of this statist nonsense because they’re the least exilic of Jews – among the very few who are willing to stand up to the excesses of the Erev Rav establishment while holding fast to Torah principles and trusting wholly in G-d.

Tanachi Politics

Let it not be said, however, that the Hilltop Youth has no politics.  To be sure, it has.  Just not the kind you find in the Knesset Plenum and cafeteria.

Without getting too specific, the Hilltop Youth identifies with the following fundamental tenets —

  • A strong desire to drive interlopers and aliens from the land of Israel,

  • To move the nation forward toward a third temple mindset – via personal example and educational outreach, and

  • To make common cause with other groups who desire the same — including loyal Noahides worldwide.

  • The concept of HAVDALA is at the root of these ideals, because all the glory and promise of the Third Temple and the full Jewish life its advent will engender is predicated solely upon separation.

We’ll have more to say on this last point in upcoming posts.

Vis-à-vis the Arab interloper, incidentally, there are no specific plans, military, guerrilla or otherwise to solve the issue. This is because the Arab in Israel is understood by the Hilltop Youth to be only a secondary concern.  That is, they’re recognized as the craven, degenerate lot they’ve always been, but more importantly — the Arab in Eretz Yisrael receives all his power from the Erev Rav regime, and without dealing with root causes, nothing can be done regarding any foreigner who resides here in opposition to halacha.

As the regime is weakened and ultimately dies (again, when real Jews wake up, separate and stop feeding it) the Arabs will flee Eretz Hakodesh like rabbits.

And now, on the subject of politics and the coming elections, we beg your indulgence for a brief, but worthwhile digression.

With new elections in Israel just weeks away, there will inevitably be those who breathlessly exhort you to vote for party X, lest all be lost, lest lives be forfeited, lest territory be given away, lest budgets and benefits be forever squandered and opportunities to advance the ‘settlement project’ (whatever that is) be wasted.

“___________________  (fill in your greatest fear here) will happen if X wins, Y loses or Z doesn’t cross the threshold.”

It’s all stuff and nonsense.

But more to the point, it’s precisely via elections and the false gawd of democracy that the Erev Rav receives his greatest strength.

We would therefore warn you to beware of all who would add to the hype, who would tell you that these are the “most consequential elections of a generation” (how bored we’ve grown of that one), or how you’re endangering your neighbor/community/sector by not voting.

Those who sound off in such a manner are either Erev Rav themselves or Erev Rav stooges — and they, more than others must be exposed for the genuine danger they represent.

They are what the Vilna Gaon referred to as “party to the tumah of the Erev Rav”. 

May Hashem destroy them utterly.

Ultimately, they will be called to account by the heavenly tribunal for strengthening the Erev Rav’s monstrous hand, as well as for the blood, torture, degradation and trauma to which they witlessly contributed. The blood guilt of the SHaBaK and Israel Police is no greater than those who played along with and supported a system that terrorized our neighbors and children.

As the Vilna Gaon concludes, it is better they were never born.

Between Mordechai and Moshe

In these days between Purim and Pesach it’s important to remember that nearly thirty years ago, Rav Binyamin Kahane wrote on parashat Shmot of the common experience of the Jewish people in both Persia and Egypt.

Because of the intervention of Mordechai, who refused to bow down to the wicked Haman, a death sentence on the entire Jewish nation was decreed.

In Egypt, too, Moshe and Aharon’s appeal to Par’o to set the B’nai Yisrael free was met with dramatically worse working conditions — a death sentence, in effect, for which the people were none too pleased.

As Rav Binyamin explains, in both cases things got much worse as a direct function of their would-be redeemers’ actions… before they got better.

And that’s the way it ever must be.

Our history shows that freedom is only purchased via complete faith in the Holy One Blessed be He and a summary rejection of the workings of local deal-makers — the “old guard” leaders, who exist only to prolong our servitude and exile by making its conditions more palatable.

Our duty now is to reject the Hellenism of these politicos and democrats.

And to reject elections outright.

And to choose the path that leads to a wholly Jewish, Torah-based polity in the Land of Israel – even if it means Meretz and the Arab parties form a majority government under Lapid!

That’s right.

You can choose a system operated by and run for the Erev Rav enemy of G-d.

Or you can choose Hashem, and act with faith and bitachon.

Regardless the short term pain it might cause.

Your true leaders are out there now, brothers and sisters, on the hilltops of Judea and Samaria, tirelessly working the good earth and tending their flocks.

And they’re eagerly awaiting you to meet them, to take up their cause, to join them in what is quite simply the greatest undertaking in human history – the creation of an authentic Jewish reality, based on a renewed Temple sacrificial cult, separate from all that is tainted by the tumah of the alien culture that still dominates the hearts and minds of the majority.

May Hashem help us all.

And may the evil ones receive swift judgment,

Dean Maughvet


Let it never be said that Chareidim are afraid to get physical with those who would seek the destruction of their holy neshamot. May G-d bless all who correctly perceive the enemy. And who fight.