Murder Most Foul: 25 QUESTIONS

That Will Determine the Truth Behind the Planned Take-down of Ahuvya Sandak & His Friends

Today’s GUEST POST courtesy our Legal Correspondent, F.S. Zulatow

This entire affair is so riddled with contradictions, mendacity and dissembling, it’s hard to know where to begin.

So let’s just start with the following – 

  1. How do police justify withholding medical attention to the survivors of a car accident for over an hour?

  2. And why did they refuse to allow ZAKA responders to remove Ahuvya’s body from the scene for at least FOUR HOURS after that.

  3. And why all the foregoing against the repeated pleadings of the boys to save their friend who was trapped beneath the car?

  4. How do police justify a charge of ‘reckless driving’ resulting in death against a dead man and his friends – who were rammed from behind by a police vehicle at high speed?

  5. How do they justify their (2nd, altered) account of the ‘accident’ as one in which the boys’ car slammed into them – the police vehicle – thereby causing the boys’ car to catapult wildly and roll off the road?

  6. How do they explain the initial account that specified there was NO CONTACT between the vehicles – that the boys’ car spontaneously lost control and flipped repeatedly, landing 30 meters from the highway?

  7. Who was the officer who – according to the boys’ testimony – arrived at the overturned car and yelled, “wow, wow, you really messed up their vehicle.”  Has he been identified?  Has he denied making the statement?  Did he, indeed, witness the event?  Has he been questioned under caution regarding what he saw and said?

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  8. Why was there such a manic necessity to keep a high-profile member of Knesset (Bezalel Smotrich) so far from the crash scene?

  9. Why was assistance from a group of well-trained IDF soldiers with medical expertise who arrived minutes after the crash rebuffed!?

  10. Why was there a need to handcuff the injured youths, one to the next, before they were extricated from their overturned vehicle!?

  11. What happened to the police dash-cam that recorded the entire chase, and pre-chase maneuverings?

  12. What happened to the nearby Mekorot Water cameras that also captured the entire event, and why were IDF security cameras in the area tampered with?

  13. What happened to cameras from the Arab village of Taibeh, which point directly from their high mountings on the community’s chicken coops directly toward the area of the crash?  Why were they not immediately sequestered and scanned for evidence?  Where are they now, and who had access to them in the interim?

  14. Why were the officers’ mobile phones not immediately collected?

  15. Why were their call logs not accessed?

  16. Why was this trove of evidence not immediately sought – or, more to the point, why did it remain in the public domain for so long, where anyone might have done as he pleased with it – including tampering with or even destroying it?

  17. Separately, where is the Arab who supposedly called police to report the boys’ alleged rock-throwing?

  18. Where is his damaged car? 

    Surely, had there been such evidence, it would have been trotted out immediately by police and splashed across the front page of every major news outlet from the New York Times to Maariv.  Yet nothing.  No 911 recordings.  No desperate pleas for help.  Bupkus.

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    In fact, there has been no evidence whatsoever provided by police to justify the illegal chase. 

  19. More absurdly, police claim that in the pre-chase action, at least three of their vehicles came in contact with the boys’ car – from two different directions – and that the boys doubled back twice on the same road, pulling u-turns that brought them face-to-face with two police vehicles on AT LEAST TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS.

    And yet for all that, they (the police) insist there were only four suspects in the car – not five – so there was no need to search for a fifth (Ahuvya) after the car was summarily dispatched from the road.

  20. In what can only be described as Ionescian absurdity, police also claim the boys withheld from them the whereabouts of their friend, Ahuvya, after the crash, thinking he might have fled the scene (the boys never made such a claim).  This, the police argue, justifies the charge against the friends for ‘knowingly abandoning a mortally wounded individual’.

    But the truth is, the police knew immediately that Ahuvya was trapped beneath the car.  They knew all along there were five individuals – even before the chase, because the entire operation was a Shabak sting, as phone recordings of the boys’ cell phones will soon reveal.

    Police attempts to blame the youth for negligently leaving their friend to die is, in fact, the indictment for which they themselves will be made to stand.


    And while we’re at it, can you imagine the boys thinking for a single minute that their friend might have escaped the scene?

    The police rammed their car and were a mere 30 meters from their own, flipped-over vehicle when the car came to rest ON A LEVEL FIELD WITH CLEAR SIGHTLINES IN EVERY DIRECTION FOR MORE THAN A KILOMETER!

    Could they have conceived of tricking the police via their silence about Ahuvya’s whereabouts?

    Do they believe the police are that credulous?  That they wouldn’t have spotted the injured youth fleeing the scene?  In the middle of the day?

    The claim is so ludicrous that the police will eventually be brought to account for it.  The stench is too foetid.

    Moreover, the boys have claimed repeatedly they sought police help to save Ahuvya from beneath the car.

  21. Damning as that may be, however, consider, too, that police contend their suspicions were initially aroused when they saw ‘a car in the area with a broken window’.  Then, when reports of a supposed rock-throwing event reached them, they put two and two together and began their chase.

    Yet the car with the broken window was Ahuvya’s!

    So one wonders… why in the world would police give chase to the VICTIM of a rock-throwing event!?

    Do they have absolutely no respect for the average Jew’s intelligence and common sense?

    Yet they persist in the claim.

  22. Moreover, where are the police radio records?  And why weren’t they offered immediately to the media to justify the chase?  Why have they yet to be turned over to the DIPI (Dept. of Police Internal Investigations) investigating team, and why has Judge Weinshal not yet heard them?

    In the end, we believe, these will prove most damning, and will implicate a great many Yamar Shai and Shabak officers and executives.  Unless they’ve already been scrubbed, of course.

    We’ll see... 

  23. And finally, why were the boys not invited by DIPI to give evidence and file a formal complaint against officers until a full 17 days had passed from the time of the incident?

    Why did it take nearly three weeks of country-wide demonstrations to force the government’s hand to hear THEIR side of the story?

  24. At the same time, why were the officers involved in the ramming afforded THREE FULL DAYS to work, mingle and communicate freely with each other, potentially collude on their stories and build alibis before being interrogated – something absolutely unheard of in a manslaughter trial – while the four youths were questioned immediately under caution?

  25. Why, too, were the boys subjected to murder accusations in their interrogations, and why – in their words – was violence used against them?

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There are a great many questions here, to be sure, but even more regarding a Kalman Liebskind article that was clearly planted by police to enhance their case, and requires a much longer analysis than we have space for at present.

Suffice to say that the police wanted desperately to introduce “facts” into the public domain that have precisely nothing to do with what really happened.

We leave you with just one gem here…

Initial police reports claimed that a lone, undercover police vehicle just happened to be in the area when the alleged rock-throwing event occurred.

But when too many people – including a bus full of truth-telling IDF soldiers – saw at least three police vehicles at the crash site just minutes after the ramming, the story had to change.

The Liebskind article allowed them to introduce those two extra vehicles via a very neat device, professing they were all in the area on a top secret mission to arrest a very dangerous Arab terrorist.

And Liebskind, always the willing and useful idiot, afforded them an easy means of playing with the truth – without their having to perjure themselves before a judge.

The whole Arab terrorist angle is a complete fabrication, as police arrest logs will shortly prove.

As we stated from the outset, all three police vehicles were in the area in advance on a planned takedown of Ahuvya and his friends.

The action was concocted directly after the murder of Esther Horgan HY”D by Yamar Shai cops in close cooperation with the Shabak in anticipation of a revenge action from the Hilltop Youth.

It was a set-up, square and sure.

And as we’ll soon discover, that broken window in the boys’ car holds the key to the entire affair.

Because even that was part of the Erev Rav’s bait-and-switch aimed at framing five pure souls from the hilltop of Maoz Esther.

Only this time, the Shabak went a rock too far.

And now they’ll reap an avalanche.

F.S. Zulatow

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